Sunday, 3 August 2014

July 28-29, 2014

I definitely had a dream this night, and I knew that I liked it. Except that I woke up and I was going to write it down...and then I promptly fell back asleep. 

I really don't like when I do that T_T

July 27-28, 2014

I was in a store with a group of people: something like Michael's or Toys R Us. We were looting it, but only taking certain products. We were mostly taking candy and food items off the shelves and hangers, and dropping them on the floor. While I was putting that Fun Dip sugar type stuff in a baggie, the dream switched to a snow-covered mountain.
There was a snowboard competition at the university, which was located on top of this mountain. The school was a mix of a couple churches I attended (Christian Life Assembly and Willingdon Church), but it was called the first university I attended (Trinity Western University). Callan McAuliffe, an Australian actor, was in it, unofficially. The rules were weird: whoever won was allowed to have sex. So, the actor had his board with him, and I knew he was going to run the course, even though he didn't sign up to be in the race. I decided in my head that I would follow him wherever he went/his race, so I could be the first one to reach him at the finish one, and ultimately the one he had sex with. (Creepy, I know, but the heart wants what the heart wants...or, y'know :P ) Anyway, Callan ran the course before the contest even started, but by the end, it was decided that he won, because he boarded the course a lot faster than the other contestants, by a long shot. I followed him throughout the entire course, and I ran to hug him when he crossed the finish line. Another girl hugged him while I was hugging him too, a friend of his (and mine, I believe). I had my arms around him for a while after, and his arms were around me (aaaaaah), while he was explained what was going to happen by the headmaster. She awkwardly said we had to sign a contract before we did the dirty, so the school wouldn't be liable for rape charges or something to that effect. She also got my and my sister's names mixed up. Then, I was inside the school somehow, walking around with a girl from Teens React ( I was asking her questions, like if she was at TWU for long, and I was telling her about my history with the school when I woke up.

I may or may not have dreamt this after I woke up the first time, or it could be somewhere in the midst of the two dreams I just wrote about:
I was in Iggy Azalea's small room, which she shared with her dog. I was sleeping over and I brought my own comforter. The TV was on its side and there was no fitted sheet on the mattress of her bed. The dog also had headphones on.

And yes, that last one was strange, but hey, dreams are usually weird.

July 24-25, 2014

I was on the set of a music video with Kurt Hugo Schneider and Max Schneider. (I woke up with "Wherever You Are" by Sam Tsui stuck in my head, so I guess that was the song we were making a video for...) I was just a guest, not actually one of the actors in the production, watching the process of making it. Max came up to my face, *really* close at one point for some reason. Anyway, they were working on one part that involved little glasses of water on the top of a sandwich board sign.

July 16-17, 2014

I'm trying to get a man's attention from the apartment across from ours. We don't go about it very nicely: firing arrows and so on. I take a break from trying when I see the man in the shadows, on the floor under the one I focus my attentions on, packing. He walks out when he sees me staring and calls up to me nicely. When he sees me wave to him, however, he gets mad. We (I have no idea who's with dad?) go downstairs, to the ground floor, to talk to him. I want to explain why I waved to him, but I don't get the chance because he walks away.
Then, I'm with a bunch of young latinos. I play baseball with them, as a pitcher.

I fell back asleep here, while I was writing the notes, but I remember other stuff happened. Like, I think these boys all had a crush on me...Yeah, yeah, how narcissistic of me. But it's my dream! :P

July 6-7, 2014

I was in a forest with a father and his daughter. There was snow everywhere. There was also a fox, or an otter, or a beaver in the dream, that was cradled in the daughter's arm: she named her (the animal) and saved her from being poached. Then a man on the other side of the glade motions that he'll walk with the animal until it's safe. We watch as the animal scampers off towards the man...but it gets shot.

This dream also repeats itself multiple times.

What's with my dreams repeating themselves??

July 5-6, 2014

There was a giant bouncy castle in a giant field.

And that's all I wrote down. The only other thing I remember is that the same event happened over and over again: it repeated numerous times in the span of my being asleep.