Sunday, 22 September 2013

September 13-14, 2013

I had two dreams:

1) I was with Joe Bereta, from baratsandbereta and SourceFed on YouTube, for the entire dream, I believe. But I don't remember what happened. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and thinking that was cool.

2) For some reason, my dog, Tori, followed me to school, and I let her. She came on the bus like it wasn't a problem, and she followed me throughout the campus to the classes I needed to go to. And then, for another weird reason, every one around me didn't question my dog. They just said that she was cute. I thought it was cool, because my dog would not follow me around like that otherwise. I also wouldn't let her.

September 9-10, 2013

I started re-watching the TV show Criminal Minds from the beginning again these past couple weeks, on September 9th. That night, I had a Criminal Minds-episode-like dream, and it was pretty cool. I don't remember what happened in it, but I remember seeing the team's faces.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August 30-31, 2013

I lost my retainer on the night of the 30th.

I dreamed that my family pretended to be worried for me about losing my retainer because later on in the night, they gave it back to me after they thought I had stressed out enough about it.

I had this dream in the pitch black, middle of the night, and I woke up then too. All I thought of was that it was weird and kinda stupid: why would they do that to me??

August 29-30, 2013

This is when my family and I were doing a road trip down to Los Angeles.

I was in downtown Los Angeles, doing the road trip by myself but with the same amount of stuff we had in the car. I parked the car on the street, at night, and I needed to throw out the garbage and do one other thing/errand, close by the car. For some reason, I thought leaving the car keys in the car and leaving the car unlocked was a good idea, although, in the back of my mind, I knew someone was going to steal it. Did the chores, walked back to the car, and chuckled to myself when I was that the car was gone.

August 19-20, 2013

(This is what is actually written in the notes) My sister and I were living alone? In the US? Lil town.
Yup. I am so eloquent.

I was part of a study that was happening at a school. (Not sure if this is the school where we moved to (Lil Town, US) but it's not that important.) There were six people and three beds, so two people were on each bed, lying down. The study was being conducted by a French person, a man, who later on turned into a woman. I can't remember what the study was about, but it was weird: at the end of the time period, we had to touch our own uvulas.
(NOW this has to do with the town we moved to.) We were walking around, getting used to the streets and the stores and the people. For some reason, Faith wanted to have beers at every bar in town.

And that's it.

August 17-18, 2013.

I was anxious, in the dream and IRL.

Couldn't make a flight to somewhere because the picture/photocopy (I don't remember which one) I had taken of my license didn't include my birth date (which is placed at the bottom of my driver's license, in this dream, and got cut off when I was making the copy). I also apparently lived in an apartment with a bunch of interesting characters, but this fact is out of nowhere in my dream notes and I don't talk about it anywhere else in my notes. So, stuff happened in the middle, but this is what I happened at the end and what I wrote down: my mom, my sister, and I drove to the airport, and my mom parked in a sketchy area where we didn't have to pay anything. We then walked over to the airport. Once there, we checked in to our flight and got our boarding passes.

I'm obviously missing a bunch of stuff in the middle, like did I get a new picture/photocopy of my license? Who were these people I was living with? Stuff happened when we were parking the car too, I'm sure, but I have no idea what happened. Yay for unfinished notes/spotty memories!

August 16-17, 2013

In this dream, I had daily meetings with the Holy Trinity of YouTube: Grace Helbig aka dailygrace, Mamrie Hart aka youdeserveadrink and mametown, and Hannah Hart aka myharto. It was cool, but weird (this is my thought after I woke up): why was I having meetings with them? And they weren't even meetings, really! They were just hang outs, but in a conference room. Like, what even? Anyway, in the dream, they were really funny and down to earth. I kept forgetting to bring my VidCon letters for them, but kept saying in my head that I would see them tomorrow. And then I woke up. Ergh. I wish I could've finally given them those letters. They're sitting in my room, right now, as I type this. They're not staring me in the face, but it's close enough.

August 15-16, 2013

I don't remember the beginning part of my dream, how I got on the SkyTrain (the name of the train system in the Lower Mainland, in BC. Look at that, I'm letting you guys in on whereabouts I live *notreally*), but I do remember that I was supposed to meet a friend or two on the SkyTrain and I couldn't find them. So, I just sat down in a seat on the train, waiting to get to my destination, texting my friend(s) that I would be at the station we needed to get off at. While I was sitting there, though, Zac Efron came over and sat on the opposite side of the train from me, facing the other direction. Some girls came up to him, asking for a picture, but they couldn't remember his name. I couldn't believe that they were making fools of themselves, so I said his name. He didn't really react to their not knowing or my knowing, so whatever. Zac left the train, and then Ashley Tisdale was there, basically sitting in the spot that Zac had just been in. The same thing happened to her to: a couple of other girls came up to her to take a picture but they couldn't remember their names. So I said her name, in a hushed, disbelieving/sarcastic tone of voice. Ashley looked over in my direction, and thanked me with a small smile, and I smiled back.

August 13-14, 2013

The dream had to do with camp...Current staff (from 2012) mixed with YouTubers like Dan from danisnotonfire. I think this was Staff Training, but I'm not entirely sure. The cabins were attached length-wise, like one giant hall, but each section still had their doors. This "great hall" was also coed. It was night time in my dream, and I was going to wash up and sleep when Dan asked me to watch a movie with him. Like in real life, I said yes. I quickly went to wash up (which, in this case, was just brush my teeth) and then went to find him. He told me before that I was to meet him somewhere other than where we were sleeping, but I forgot in the dream and walked through the cabins. Eventually, I called his name and found him. Rachel, one of the other cabin leaders, was close to the door, in a bunk, when I entered. I asked her what she was doing there and she replied that it was quieter here. As I made my way over to Dan, who was setting up a bed for us to watch the movie on, the dream switched to the city (still about camp though).
There was line of campers and I made up the back of the line, making sure everyone was in front of me and safe. I was talking to a boy named Michael while I was surveying everything. The line moved quickly to get into a building, and once I caught up to the rest of the group entering a building (some kind of attraction like a museum) and I entered the building for myself, the situation changed, like we were in a government building.
There were a lot of cute guys inside, being helped by people on the other side of the kiosks. (Those people might have also been attractive guys as well, but I don't remember. I'm writing this dream in September...) I was there to hand in a form to be hired somewhere, and I didn't have any campers or anyone else to do with camp there with me anymore. My sister was with me, and I had picked up the number 42, to be helped. I was distracted when our number was called, by the big chairs (like, long seats and long backs, and since my legs are short, they didn't bend at the knee at the edge of the chair) and by a guy who was teasing me for it (teasing my height, more specifically, and the fact that I couldn't touch the floor with my toes. Anyway, numbers were being called fast and before we finished flirting, I had realized my number was up a while ago. I went up to a kiosk and said with a smile that the kiosk that called my number was far away from where I was waiting, so I couldn't get there in time.